Time to fly

I am super excited to be able to write that I will depart from Schiphol airport tomorrow afternoon at 12:50 Kenya bound! If you don’t know, I will be using this blog to keep friends and family updated about my adventure in Kenya. This is an open blog and I welcome anyone to follow me as I go through this journey. I would like to thank all who made this possible, namely my parents, and sister who support me through everything, but also all of my dear friends and family who donated to help me help others. 

This is Sky signing off,

Good Night 


Post One

My name is Sky and I have decided to start this blog to keep my supporters, friends and family updated as I experience Kenya as a volunteer. I depart on the 31st of May and arrive in Kenya late at night! From that point on I will be staying with Kenyan host families who will provide food, bed and facilities such as showers and toilets most of the time.

I am looking forwards to sharing this with you all.