Update 1

I am happy to let you all know that I have arrived safely in Kenya, and am just finishing my third day. On the first day we had orientation in Nairobi, and after our welcome lunch, we proceeded to travel to our homes. I live with two volunteers and our host sister Winnie who is amazing, offering us traditional meals for breakfast and dinner. 

I have been placed at an orphanage which has about 27 boys and girls ranging from the age of 4 to 16. As we started the day and the children were at school, we procceded to clean the courtyard which was extremely dirty. After cleaning it three times, we tackled the dining hall, a very small room, with 10 tables and 10 benches. The state of the room was horrible, food covering all parts of the floor, and a layer of dust and sand that was thicker than you could imagine. We sweeped the floors and mopped 3 times, and uncovered all types of flies on the walls and under the tables. The room is spacially organised better than it has ever been before and our hosts are extremely pleased with out work so far! We proceeded to cook lunch and I served the kids their meals after they returned from school around 2pm. We were surprised by the size of the meals they ate as they were huge (rice, and rehydrated beans). Two boys were sick and I was able to cover the shockingly low medication prices. As the children dont often receive other meals i decided to purchase 50 bananas, a very welcomed treat. In the weekend we dont work, and am currently in Mombasa. I am having a very interesting experience and enjoying everyaspect of it.

My projects:
Project 1
I have decided that due to the lack of food that the orphanage sometimes has, that I will be building a chicken coop housing 50-100 egg laying chickens. In hopes of generting food, and a source of revenue as they can sell the excess eggs at the local markets.
Project 2
The children sadly sleep on foam mattresses which upon inspection contain black mold! We are raising money to replace 20 beds because they dont even have enough beds to give each child their own beds. 
Project 3
This project is for the older children of the orphanage, we need money to send them through the last two years of highschool. One of the students is called Kevin Obwacha, he is doing well in school, however wont get the chance to finish unless his 300 dollar annual fee gets paid.

I thank you all for the support, and hope to keep receiving support as I share my goals.


One thought on “Update 1

  1. Hallo Sky,
    mooi te horen wat je in die korte tijd al gedaan hebt en je plannen om het leven van de kinderen te verbeteren. Geld is altijd het knelpunt inderdaad. Een ideetje: de vriendin van mijn neef heeft ook ge-voluteerd in Kenia en zij heeft toen het plan opgevat om met de vele, vele foto’s die ze in die maanden schoot een verjaardagskalender te maken. Met hulp van Nancy (layout) is het een heel mooi resultaat geworden. Ze heeft die kalenders (heel leuk verjaardagscadeautje!), eenmaal weer in Nederland, verkocht aan al haar familieleden, kennissen en vrienden en hield na aftrek van kosten een mooi bedrag over om haar project extra te kunnen steunen.
    Succes en ik vind het heel leuk je belevenissen te kunnen volgen!
    Liefs, Barbara.

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