Update 3

Today was a long and succesful day. We started early in the day by sweeping and mopping the boys entire bed room. We moved the beds all over, sorted all of their shoes, and removed all of their clothing from the room which was later sorted and washed. After re-arranging the beds and having cleaned the floor multiple times, whilst enduring the sour smell of pee and a musty chicken poo odor.

As we moved to the girls room, it turned out that their room even though smaller and upon initial inspection cleaner, was gonna take much longer to clean and organise. We found extreme masses of clothes that were either never worn and dirty, or just stuffed in a drawer after someone had peed their pants as a way of hiding the fact. We sorted all the clothes, re-arranged the beds and threw away anything that was too dirty or broken for any redemption. 

Afterwards, jack the son of the founder who is 21 years old and I went to the building next to us and started pulling up water from the well with a rope and a bucket as the children needed water, and the running water hasnt been working for a while. We pulled up and poured over 200 litres of water into yellow water containers to be used for the washing, cooking, drinking and flushing. The water that we would never drink or even gargle with is what they drink. 

All in all it was a long and eventful day, I just got home, and am excited for tommorow as the mattrasses will arrive and we will be able to put the final touches to our bed replacement project. And hopefully give the children a basis for a more hygienic lifestyle and dormitory. 

Thats all for today people! Have a good one!


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