Update 4

I was picked up today by some guides, and we started doing some research for the chicken coop. In the morning we all met at the location where we will be keeping the chickens. This location is a 10 minute walk from the orphanage, and is located next to a house owned by the founder of the organization. The chicken coop will have two levels pread over two rooms both measuring at 3×3 meters. They are currently separated by a wall which we will break down for one large double layered chicken coop.

After receiving the quote we headed straight to the hardware store, and received a new quote for the materials needed. Once we received the quote we headed off to the location where we wanted to buy the chickens from; however, since they did not have what we were looking for, which are 4 month year old layers, we decided to find other stores tomorrow, but still start construction on the new chicken coop!

This will be an exciting week, and hopefully the chicken coop will be full by the end of next week if not sooner! The children love their new mattresses, and are trying to keep them tidy.

That’s all for today! I hope everyone reading this is well, and I would like to thank you for your support!


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