Chicken Coop progress

As I am typing this, I sit in an uber headed for Nairobi. The traffic today is horrendous, I am dirty because our water at the placement was shut off, and I have gotten blister on my hands! What can I say? It’s a labour of love! For the rest, all is well and I remain optimistic for whatever is to come.Today was a good day for the chicken coop; we started by adding supports to the structure in order to build the doors, and to start putting up the chicken wire. We started tearing down existing doors and windows, which will later be replaced with chicken wire for additional air circulation. I am very happy with the progression of my project and am ready for my weekend safari in the Maasai Mara. The chicken coop should be finished by tomorrow! All that’s left is to create the shelves for the chickens to lay their eggs, and of course to go out and buy some layers!

I hope everyone reading this is doing well, and thanks for staying up to date!

Sky out!



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