My views on Kenya & update chickens!

Since my departure from Nairobi, I have received several updates about the children, and about my personal projects and how they are doing as time progresses. Three days after I arrived in Europe, the 100 chicks ordered from Kenchic the top breeder in the country arrived at the new chicken coop. They were quarenteened as they need to grow in a very hygenic and warm environment for the first few weeks of their lives. The chicks are now two weeks old and are all still alive and on the road to becoming layers for Spirit of Mercy Childrens Home. In hopes of providing the children with a sustainable food source and also in hopes of providing a small revenue stream for the orphanage. 

The children are all doing well and are enjoying their new volunteers as they come and go. People ask me if they were sad to see me go, and my answer is never yes. These children don’t speak great english, so telling them your not coming back tomorrow is difficult. However if you are able to convey this message you have to understand that this is a process that they have all gone trough before. They have met countless volunteers over the years, they have seen them come and they have seen them go. At some point they have learnt not to get emotionally attached. Now im not saying that there weren’t kids that were special to me, and I know that they miss me. But life goes on, and hopefully their quailty of life increased by my presence and the things that I was able to accomplish. 

All I can ask for now is that they remember me for the next time that we meet. And that I made a lasting difference.
Sky out.