My views on Kenya & update chickens!

Since my departure from Nairobi, I have received several updates about the children, and about my personal projects and how they are doing as time progresses. Three days after I arrived in Europe, the 100 chicks ordered from Kenchic the top breeder in the country arrived at the new chicken coop. They were quarenteened as they need to grow in a very hygenic and warm environment for the first few weeks of their lives. The chicks are now two weeks old and are all still alive and on the road to becoming layers for Spirit of Mercy Childrens Home. In hopes of providing the children with a sustainable food source and also in hopes of providing a small revenue stream for the orphanage. 

The children are all doing well and are enjoying their new volunteers as they come and go. People ask me if they were sad to see me go, and my answer is never yes. These children don’t speak great english, so telling them your not coming back tomorrow is difficult. However if you are able to convey this message you have to understand that this is a process that they have all gone trough before. They have met countless volunteers over the years, they have seen them come and they have seen them go. At some point they have learnt not to get emotionally attached. Now im not saying that there weren’t kids that were special to me, and I know that they miss me. But life goes on, and hopefully their quailty of life increased by my presence and the things that I was able to accomplish. 

All I can ask for now is that they remember me for the next time that we meet. And that I made a lasting difference.
Sky out.


Update: Chicken Coop & more

The chicken coop has been completed! It is chicken worthy, has all the things it needs such as lights and working doors. And I am very happy about how my project came out to be. 

The last couple of days I have been working at the oprhanage with the kids, but also adding finishing touches to the chicken coop, doing the final cleaning, and painting of the sign for the chicken coop. The orphanage has decided to call the coop “Sky’s Coop for Spirit of Mercy Orphanage” and I’m very honoured by this. The sign should be finished by tomorrow.

I am slowly coming the the realization that I will only be here for another week, and it’s crazy to think that I started the adventure 5 weeks ago. And looking back I loved every bit of it! The people, the experiences, and the work at the orphanage was well worth it!

The chickens for the coop come next week and we have decided to purchase a couple week old layers, which will take about 4-5 months untill they start laying eggs. And Ihope  that they will be able to be a valuable food source for the orphanage in the future! 

I want to tell you all that I’m super appreciative for all the support, and hope everyone is doing well back home!

Sky out!

Chicken Coop progress

As I am typing this, I sit in an uber headed for Nairobi. The traffic today is horrendous, I am dirty because our water at the placement was shut off, and I have gotten blister on my hands! What can I say? It’s a labour of love! For the rest, all is well and I remain optimistic for whatever is to come.Today was a good day for the chicken coop; we started by adding supports to the structure in order to build the doors, and to start putting up the chicken wire. We started tearing down existing doors and windows, which will later be replaced with chicken wire for additional air circulation. I am very happy with the progression of my project and am ready for my weekend safari in the Maasai Mara. The chicken coop should be finished by tomorrow! All that’s left is to create the shelves for the chickens to lay their eggs, and of course to go out and buy some layers!

I hope everyone reading this is doing well, and thanks for staying up to date!

Sky out!


Update 6

The second day of construction was also very successful. We started the second floor of the chicken coop and were able to finish it off by the end of the day! Tomorrow we hope to add the final touches, making the coop safe and habitable for the chickens. We need to construct some doors, close all of the holes with wire mesh, and patch up all of the holes in the metal structure. 

I’ll keep you all updated and I hope everyone is doing well! 

Sky out! 

Update 5

We started the day very early, as we needed to clean and replace all of the beds before the curious children returned from school. The day started slow, as the mattress delivery was delayed because they had to find a truck to load the 20 mattresses onto. Around 12:30 we received a call asking us to pick them up from the highway, which is only a 10 minute walk from the orphanage. We walked to the truck, guided them along the beautifully bumpy dirt roads, and unloaded the mattresses within minutes. This is where we started to place and dress the mattresses before the children showed up.

After tagging the beds and putting the childrens names on the frames, we showed them their new rooms with nice proper beds, new blankets, and improved hygiene conditions. 

At this stage the day was almost over; we did a couple more loads of laundry, and ended our day with some home made banana chapati. 

Thats all for today! And remember any donations are welcomed and appreciated!

Update 4

I was picked up today by some guides, and we started doing some research for the chicken coop. In the morning we all met at the location where we will be keeping the chickens. This location is a 10 minute walk from the orphanage, and is located next to a house owned by the founder of the organization. The chicken coop will have two levels pread over two rooms both measuring at 3×3 meters. They are currently separated by a wall which we will break down for one large double layered chicken coop.

After receiving the quote we headed straight to the hardware store, and received a new quote for the materials needed. Once we received the quote we headed off to the location where we wanted to buy the chickens from; however, since they did not have what we were looking for, which are 4 month year old layers, we decided to find other stores tomorrow, but still start construction on the new chicken coop!

This will be an exciting week, and hopefully the chicken coop will be full by the end of next week if not sooner! The children love their new mattresses, and are trying to keep them tidy.

That’s all for today! I hope everyone reading this is well, and I would like to thank you for your support!

Update 3

Today was a long and succesful day. We started early in the day by sweeping and mopping the boys entire bed room. We moved the beds all over, sorted all of their shoes, and removed all of their clothing from the room which was later sorted and washed. After re-arranging the beds and having cleaned the floor multiple times, whilst enduring the sour smell of pee and a musty chicken poo odor.

As we moved to the girls room, it turned out that their room even though smaller and upon initial inspection cleaner, was gonna take much longer to clean and organise. We found extreme masses of clothes that were either never worn and dirty, or just stuffed in a drawer after someone had peed their pants as a way of hiding the fact. We sorted all the clothes, re-arranged the beds and threw away anything that was too dirty or broken for any redemption. 

Afterwards, jack the son of the founder who is 21 years old and I went to the building next to us and started pulling up water from the well with a rope and a bucket as the children needed water, and the running water hasnt been working for a while. We pulled up and poured over 200 litres of water into yellow water containers to be used for the washing, cooking, drinking and flushing. The water that we would never drink or even gargle with is what they drink. 

All in all it was a long and eventful day, I just got home, and am excited for tommorow as the mattrasses will arrive and we will be able to put the final touches to our bed replacement project. And hopefully give the children a basis for a more hygienic lifestyle and dormitory. 

Thats all for today people! Have a good one!

Update 2

Tomorrow is a big day and so i wednesday. We have purchased 20 mattrasses to replace the existing mttrasses, and have also purchased two new metal bed frames to accomodate more of the children. 

Tomorrow we will have to take everything out of the room, clean the floors and remove all of the items on the floors. We have recently found out that there is not only black mold in the foam matrasses, but there are also bed bugs. When that is done we will re space all of the beds and make sure that the children sleep in a sanitary environment.

We have bought some baskets for the childrens personal items, each child gets new clothes, pencils, booklets, markers and other toys and clothes. We have bought new blankets for all the beds. 

The chicken coop will start next week as i have asked an IVHQ guide to help me in order to make sure that I dont get overcharged. We are hoping to get up to 100 chickens. And I will keep you all updated regarding the specifications of the chicken project in the near future.

Update 1

I am happy to let you all know that I have arrived safely in Kenya, and am just finishing my third day. On the first day we had orientation in Nairobi, and after our welcome lunch, we proceeded to travel to our homes. I live with two volunteers and our host sister Winnie who is amazing, offering us traditional meals for breakfast and dinner. 

I have been placed at an orphanage which has about 27 boys and girls ranging from the age of 4 to 16. As we started the day and the children were at school, we procceded to clean the courtyard which was extremely dirty. After cleaning it three times, we tackled the dining hall, a very small room, with 10 tables and 10 benches. The state of the room was horrible, food covering all parts of the floor, and a layer of dust and sand that was thicker than you could imagine. We sweeped the floors and mopped 3 times, and uncovered all types of flies on the walls and under the tables. The room is spacially organised better than it has ever been before and our hosts are extremely pleased with out work so far! We proceeded to cook lunch and I served the kids their meals after they returned from school around 2pm. We were surprised by the size of the meals they ate as they were huge (rice, and rehydrated beans). Two boys were sick and I was able to cover the shockingly low medication prices. As the children dont often receive other meals i decided to purchase 50 bananas, a very welcomed treat. In the weekend we dont work, and am currently in Mombasa. I am having a very interesting experience and enjoying everyaspect of it.

My projects:
Project 1
I have decided that due to the lack of food that the orphanage sometimes has, that I will be building a chicken coop housing 50-100 egg laying chickens. In hopes of generting food, and a source of revenue as they can sell the excess eggs at the local markets.
Project 2
The children sadly sleep on foam mattresses which upon inspection contain black mold! We are raising money to replace 20 beds because they dont even have enough beds to give each child their own beds. 
Project 3
This project is for the older children of the orphanage, we need money to send them through the last two years of highschool. One of the students is called Kevin Obwacha, he is doing well in school, however wont get the chance to finish unless his 300 dollar annual fee gets paid.

I thank you all for the support, and hope to keep receiving support as I share my goals.

Time to fly

I am super excited to be able to write that I will depart from Schiphol airport tomorrow afternoon at 12:50 Kenya bound! If you don’t know, I will be using this blog to keep friends and family updated about my adventure in Kenya. This is an open blog and I welcome anyone to follow me as I go through this journey. I would like to thank all who made this possible, namely my parents, and sister who support me through everything, but also all of my dear friends and family who donated to help me help others. 

This is Sky signing off,

Good Night